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The effects of the built environment to the health of human and to natural ecosystem define an extended field of work. YBE will deliver series of courses where those who wonder these effects can understand the causes by learning the foundations of building biology.


The course has been the backbone of the certificate program to become a “Building Biology Consultant IBN” since 1977. The main mission of the program is to educate and promote competence in the field of healthy, sustainable, and holistic building practices as well as natural lifestyles. Since its inception, about 7,000 people have successfully completed the Building Biology Course worldwide—not only in Germany, but also in the various languages in France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the USA. Since mid-2016, the IBN has been offering the course in English.


In order to develop and spread building culture that highlights human health, harmony with nature & local environment, YBE organizes every year design and implementation workshops. Open to everyone, these workshops are designed to include theoretical & applied phases of architecture in line with building biology approach, so the use of natural materials and technics are prioritized. Since the general aim of the workshops are to develop mastery in ecological building technics, several experts will attend as supervisor or trainer to the workshop Presentation on the workshops



For correspondence course graduates and other interested individuals, the IBN offers seminars on such topics as Building Biology Testing Methods SBM, clay building, natural finishes and their applications, etc. Continued studies in Building Biology Testing Methods SBM allow successful graduates to perform inspections of homes, workplaces and properties according to the “Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM)”. As seminars aim at enabling local and rural development, they will be organized in different towns and regions of Turkey. For recent events.


YBE attends various international conferences in its field with its work and also organizes the attendance to those conferences. YBE plans to organize the “International Building Biology Conference” in Turkey every 1 or 2


Having economic and politic independence YBE gives impartial consultancy on healthy building- environment- human relationships and solutions. YBE gives consultancy service on every subject that could affect our health and environment through the processes of construction, retrofit and settlement. This service is mostly demanded by house owners and tenants, contractor, construction engineers, architects and interior architects, producers of building materials, real estate agents and medical doctors. Building materials diversify and improve rapidly in our days. However ‘human and environment friendly” catch phrases are used by nearly every producer in the market and leads to confusion and information pollution. YBE, as an unbiased consultant, evaluates materials in the market and suggests in accordance with IBN criteria.


When people are chronically tired, often sick or depressed, it might be due to their housing environment. Insufficient shielding from electrical wiring, outgassing toxins or fungi and bacteria are risk factors for this kind of health problems. Building Biology and Ecology Institute Turkey –YBE’s experts inspect homes, workplaces and properties according to the Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM). The Standard offers guidelines on how to perform specific measurements and assess possible health risks. All testing results, instruments and procedures are documented in a final written report. In case potential problems are identified, an effective remediation strategy is presented.


In order to develop human health oriented building culture, YBE develop & manage projects focused on sound design & implementation work and their dissemination. So that work, partnerships and endeavors in this field can build up and become more influent.